Other Special Projects

I. Community Counsel Program

The Community Counsel Program provides legal assistance for eligible community-based non-profit organizations. The Community Counsel Program provides pro bono transactional services to organizations that are working to better the economic and social conditions for low-income residents and communities in distress.
We strive to help nonprofits more effectively address the legal and risk management issues that arise in connection with their operations. Our goals are to help eligible nonprofits build and maintain their capacity to serve the needs of our community as well as provide a credible source through which transactional lawyers may offer pro bono services.
The organizations we seek to help serve low-income youth, seniors and families, the homeless, low-income neighborhoods, victims of domestic violence, and the disabled.
Typically, the organizations we serve have fewer discretionary dollars in their budgets and generally cannot afford private attorney fees. When organizations are unable to afford attorneys, they either do not address their legal issues or hire attorneys with programming dollars, thereby reducing the services they deliver to the community.
For more information on the Community Counsel Program, please contact us at (727) 582-7480 or clp@lawprogram.org.

II. Self-Help Center

The Self-Help Center, which opened in October 2007, is a collaborative project involving the offices of Ken Burke, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Pinellas County, the Sixth Judicial Circuit, Community Law Program, and the Clearwater Bar Foundation. The Center offers affordable legal services to the citizens of Pinellas County.
Unlike CLP’s legal advice clinics, there are no income requirements in order to use the Center. The Self-Help Center is available to everyone.
At the Self-Help Center, citizens are able to:

  • Schedule an appointment to consult with an attorney for $1 (one dollar) per minute at a minimum of 15-minute increments and a maximum of one hour. Payment must be made in advance to schedule an appointment;
  • Make copies for $0.15 per page;
  • Purchase forms and packets for family, small claims and landlord/tenant actions; and
  • Have documents notarized for a $5.00 fee

Office Locations

St. Petersburg Judicial Building, 545 First Avenue North, 1st Floor, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701.
Phone: 727-582-7941.

The Clearwater Law Library, Old Clearwater Courthouse, 324 S. Fort Harrison Avenue, Clearwater, Florida 33756.
Phone: 727-464-5150.

III. Guardian Advocacy Project

Our Guardian Advocacy Project assists families and other loved ones caring for persons with developmental disabilities obtain the legal authority needed to continue making decisions for their disabled loved one after he or she becomes an adult. We accomplish this by matching eligible families with volunteer attorneys.

Guardian Advocacy Project Brochure

IV: Legal Assistance Project for Victims of Domestic Violence

This project assists victims of domestic, sexual, and dating violence get civil injunctions for protection and with other civil legal matters, including family law, as resources permit. To get help with this project, contact us at (727) 582 – 7480.

V. Senior Homeownership Preservation Program

In collaboration with Bay Area Legal Services and Legal Aid of Manasota, this project helps low-income seniors preserve their homeownership. Many low-income seniors do not have clear title to the homes in which they reside and/or at risk of losing their home due to foreclosure. This project seeks to recruit, train, and support volunteer attorneys willing and able to help represent seniors in civil actions, such as probate, foreclosure defense, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

VI. The Amendment Four Project

Our Amendment Four Project assists qualifying Pinellas residents in three main areas:

a) Amendment 4 & Voting Rights for those with Felony Convictions:
Volunteer attorneys and law students are available to help those with felony convictions navigate the restoration of their voting rights. This includes determining eligibility based on unpaid fines, fees, restitution, or other court costs.
b) Driver’s License Suspension for Unpaid Court Costs:
Volunteer attorneys and law students are available to help those who have had their license suspended due to unpaid court costs. Services include but are not limited to; reviewing outstanding fines and fees, setting up a payment plan with clerk of court, and advising clients on driver’s license suspension due to unpaid court fees.
c) Criminal Records Expunction or Sealing:
Volunteer attorneys and law students are available to help those who are interested in having a court-ordered sealing or expunction of their criminal record.

Attorneys are available to assist qualifying Pinellas residents with the sealing or expunction of Florida cases only.

We recruit, train, and support volunteer attorneys willing to assist with these issues.

Clinics are held online on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

For additional information, or to receive assistance through this project, contact us at (727)-582-7480 or nroden@lawprogram.org

We are back in the office, but in our efforts to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, we are continuing to schedule client meetings with attorneys remotely in most cases. Please call for financial screening at (727) 582-7480.