Kimberly Rodgers, Executive Director

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees for 2017-18 is comprised of:

  • V. James Dickson, Esq., President
  • Rachael Stanger, Esq., Vice President
  • Patty Robinson, Treasurer
  • Jovita Kravitz, Esq., Secretary
  • Ray Blacklidge, JD, FIC
  • Arthurene Williams
  • Diane Emery
  • Gregory Terrone, Esq.
  • Hon. John Lenderman
  • Jewel McKeon
  • Linda Perrigoue
  • Nick Griffin, JD
  • Scot Samis, Esq.
  • Ted Starr, Esq.
  • William G. Bostick, Jr., Esq.
  • Worth T. Blackwell, Esq.


  • Kimberly Rodgers, Esq., Executive Director
  • Juanita Carroll, Esq., Staff Attorney and Lawyers for Young Adults Pro Bono Manager
  • Patrick Hogan, Esq., Staff Attorney
  • Mary-Lou Dickson, FRP, ACP, FCP,  Registered and Certified Paralegal
  • Jacqueline May, Pro Bono Coordinator/Assistant Community Relations and Resource Officer
  • Jennie White, Legal Assistant/Office Manager
  • Sheryl Shadburn, Volunteer Coordinator/Intake Specialist