Amendment 4

Voting Rights | Drivers License Reinstatement | Sealing and Expungement 

Community Law Program in coordination with Stetson College of Law  developed the Amendment 4 program in response to recent legislation that impacted the right to vote after nearly two-thirds of Floridians voted to restore voting rights of former felons in 2018 by the passage of an amendment to Florida’s Constitution.  Through our work, in collaboration with Florida Rights Restoration, we helped over 500 returning citizens in Pinellas County.

Today, this program’s services are limited to helping Pinellas County residents who are having  problems finding employment, housing, or other barriers due to criminal histories.

Sealing and/or Expunging

In limited circumstances in Florida, criminal records may be sealed or expunged from public view.  To learn if you may qualify for this, please call us at (727) 582-7480.

     Guide to Sealing or Expunging a Criminal Record & Restoration of Civil Rights

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