Pro Bono Awards
          2018 Florida Bar President's Pro Bono Award Recipient for the Sixth Judical Circuit

Attorney Erica Smith receiving her certificate on January 25, 2018 from Florida Bar President Michael Higer

2018 Community Law Program Lapel Pin Recipients

100+ Hours

William G. Bostick, Jr.            

Bruce Kirkpatrick Eason

Angela Leiner

Jamila Little

Lawrence Markell

20+ Hours  

Erin Barnett               Brooks Gentry          Hunter Rawls         John Thacker

           David Blum                Erin Hardister           Barry Salzman           John Tuthill

Russell Boring            Pamela Hembree     Scot Samis                Frank Tylman Jr.

Samantha Brem         Amber Hill                Lawrence Silvestri      Katelyn Vinson

Kevin Brennan            Patrick Hogan         Watson Silden

Joseph Cairns             John Kassos           Michael Singer

Russell Cheatham III    Jovita Kravitz          Will Slicker

James Devito               Hieu Le                   Erica Smith

V. James Dickson       Thomas McGowan     Rachael Stanger

Michael Doherty           Scott Orsini              Jennifer Terrana


This honor is bestowed upon attorneys who perform 20 hours or more of pro bono legal services through our organization during the calendar year of 2017 based upon closed and reported cases. These attorneys were presented with a Letter of Commendation signed by Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, and a ONE lapel pin. This recognition is made possible by a statewide collaborative effort among the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Pro Bono Coordinators Association, and the Young Lawyers Division of The Florida Bar.